1.Briscoes vs PCO, Danhausen **3/4

2.ROH Women's Title: Rok-C(c) vs Scott ***1/4

3.EC3 vs Lethal ***1/4


The opener was a comedy-leaning tag match, but it was fine for the situation.

Rok-C's first defense of the Ring of Honor Women's Championship was against Gia Scott and it was a fairly good one. One of the worst things about the ROH news is that I was excited to see how Rok-C would develop in a stable circumstance, but now we're getting this instead.

The main event had an distraction finish and saw EC3 tap out Lethal. It was good enough for what it was. A handshake followed as sad Lethal stood alone.

I wanted to watch this because it looked like a fun episode. Instead, it just felt pointless. I praised the direction Ring of Honor has taken since their relaunch late last year and gave them props for handling the pandemic better than almost anyone else. Tragic shit. I cannot recommend this episode as a result. Nothing hit must-see levels and the tone of the product right now lessens any fun that could be had watching things below that threshold.

Overall Rating: 70/100%