AJPW Real World Tag League in Odawara Digest Review



2.Twin Towers vs Kengo, KAZMA NR

3.NEXTREAM vs Izanagi, Devil **1/4

4.MLW Middleweight Title: TAJIRI(c) vs Aoyagi


I always find these late-year tag tournaments from Japanese companies to feel a bit like offseason content, if I am being honest. Maybe that's unfair, but I'm sure many agree with that take. Regardless, this is the first AJPW digest upload we've gotten for a while and I wanted to see what they were up to.

The upload kicked off with the brand's top tag champs beating TOTAL ECLIPSE's Omori and Jake Lee which came off well.

Kengo and KAZMA got a, to me, surprise victory over Twin Towers next.

Kento and Yuma were involved in a comedy-leaning tag match to close the tournament portion of the set. Yuma has balls of steel. It was okay.

TAJIRI defended the MLW Middleweight strap last, which felt like a decent novelty match I suppose. I'm sure there is value in TAJIRI holding the belt and it makes sense as a result.

All of this was fine, none of it came off as must-see, and I feel even more secure in my take on these shows.

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