AEW Rampage: Black Friday Review


1.Cole, Fish vs Best Friends ***1/4

2.Baker vs Riho ***

3.Kingston vs Garcia ***1/2


Yup, this was a pretty fun hour of wrestling, folks.

Cole and Fish picked up a win, with Fish actually getting the pin after he did the deal from the top rope. No one kicks out of that. Fish wasn't sacrificed this time, which is perhaps the bigger story here.

Riho got a flashpin victory over the women's division champion in the mid-card spot and will now get a title shot. Good, but a bit rough around the edges. A seed planter.

The main event was pretty good and I appreciated the tone brought by both of these dudes. 2point0 attacked Eddie after he defeated their bud and Jericho left his spot of screaming at a table to clear the house and make the save.

In all, there's little to complain about here. Rampage continues to be a spark of a wrestling program.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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