ROH TV #527 VLNCE vs Pure Review


1.Deppen vs Titus ***

2.VLNCE UNLTD vs Foundation ***1/2

3.Lethal vs Homicide **3/4


This one was a faction warfare themed edition, with VLNCE UNLTD and The Foundation having three battles on the card. Admittedly I would've preferred a huge elimination match taking up the episode instead.

The opener was good, even with the interference which just knocked it down a touch rating-wise.

Next up, a surprising result with Dickinson and King winning clean over Hotsauce and Gresham, putting the pure boys down 0-2 on the episode. The good news? This was very good shit.

The episode closed with a battle between the heads of the two. It was fine for what it was, though a bit chaotic and over the top, too. Lethal took the W and The Righteous interestingly helped stop interference.

Not a great episode and I am curious what direction they are they are aiming for, but I really enjoyed the mid and the rest was fine-good.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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