AEW Dynamite #108 Review

1.Punk vs Fish ****
2.MJF vs Donovan NR
3.TNT Title: Guevara(c) vs Page ***1/4
4.Shida vs Deeb ****
5.Moxley vs Ten NR
6.Dark Order vs The Elite ***1/2

Keeping this one short, but this show fucked!

Punk versus Fish was a banger. MJF cut a killer promo after killing a jobber and the Sting/Darby spot after was great. The TNT Championship defense was good shit and the post was decent. Shida and Deeb rocked and was a very good start to the tournament. Mox murdered Ten like he was a child and looked like a fucking badass in the process. The main event was pure entertainment but if you allow yourself to have fun you'll likely enjoy it, too.

Add in a hot Cody promo and segment and you have one hell of an entertaining 2 hour show that felt like 1.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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