1.Ospreay vs Zayne ***1/2


I don't think I've heard anyone say a bad thing about Charlton, so I give the dude props on his role with New Japan. That or I missed something big, but I don't think I have. Still, the production quality was still a bit off here. At times, for one example, it felt like CC was reading off of a piece of paper and the timing was off in relation to the clips.

This one saw Showdown clips, a preview of Battle in the Valley, and then the exclusive match of the week with Ospreay taking on Alex Zayne. I was excited to see how it'd turn out, but admittedly this felt like a toned down version of what I expected. I doubt it was originally planned as a TV match, or an iTV match or whatever, but it really felt like one. Really good? Yes. Underwhelming still, considering the names? Also yes.

This show is actually like WWE Main Event. I'll check out episodes that catch my eye, but my expectations will remain mid. They didn't even run down the results of Power Struggle...

Overall Rating: 70/100%