NJPW XTRA #1 Review


1.Stray Dog Army vs LA Dojo ***


This was the debut installment of a new series from New Japan and started with a preview for the recent Power Struggle event. They also ran down an episode of STRONG, which honestly looked pretty solid, and then covered a bit of the threads for other, future gigs.

The match of the week saw Clearwater, Knight, and DKC taking on Bateman, Misterioso, and Barrett in six-man action. It was good stuff overall and an okay showing from the STRONG crew. I get slight DGUSA vibes from the stuff.

The production quality of XTRA is a bit janky, but I also appreciated the attempt at least. The Roku series has some iffy stuff, too. The product also feels so cold these days, which is tragic. It was under 20 minutes and served a purpose, but I am doubtful that purpose is one that will benefit many. I'll check out episodes that catch my eye, and will even check out another this week if time allows, but you can honestly feel safe skipping it.

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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