Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!! #124 Review


1.Open the Triangle Gate Titles: MASQUERADE(c) vs R.E.D. ***1/2

2.Fujii, Kanda vs Iihashi Brothers ***


This show reminds me of that awful feeling I used to get when I'd run out of new Lucha Underground episodes. I used to hold off on a few episodes between seasons. Now this show, that I fucking love, keeps forcing me to do that same thing. More often than I would have likely done on my own.

Anyway, lets check out the latest edition that has been uploaded.

The episode started with a pretty good, crisp trios match for the Triangle Gate straps. This company perfected the art of six-man matches over a decade ago and this was a solid enough addition to that lineage.

Speaking of lineage, the main event was certainly interesting. Kanda and Fujii clearly considered this match a big deal and it felt like more than essentially a Young Lions style match that you'd usually see in a debut spot. This is a company that has constantly shown an ability to adapt and change as the years have gone by and they do so with an assortment of gems across their roster. There was a spark here from the debuting Iihashi brothers that you can already tell is going to build up nicely as they get more reps in. Props on a good match that felt more important than I expected it would walking in.

Honestly, this episode was really fun. The opener was an entertaining trios match that showcased a nice pace of action with slightly sleazy heel work and the main was not only good, but interesting to someone that is keeping an eye on the future. This one was worth a watch, but I could see folks that aren't diehard fans not enjoying it as much. For y'all it's still likely to be a decent way to kill half an hour.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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