dWo #8: Three Out of Every Five

Three out of every five. That's the target coach has in mind for this unit.

For entry eight into this series, there was multiple games since I was a bit slow catching up.

On the second, of November the Ducks downed the Devils 4-0.

The Kings then won in overtime, scoring three on the squad.

Things turned back around with a shootout victory over the Sharks on the sixth.

Then, New Jersey managed to put in seven in a 7-3 W over the Panthers.

Next, 4-0 against the freaking Islanders.

Two L's in a row followed, one thanks to the Bruins and the second to the Rangers. That lessens the pride of that three game run a touch, but not completely.

There were no fights during any of these games, which I'm torn on. I love hockey fights, but I also appreciate the team focusing more on their performance. I wonder if they could've turned the momentum around perhaps in the Kings game if they had thrown a few hands, though.

Anyway, my main takeaway from November so far is that the three out of five goal is very achievable. Blackwood stopping 42 against the Islanders, and the arrogant spark I'm seeing has made me more than excited about the trajectory.

I'm all in on this vision of the Devils and see great things ahead.

This week's game against the Senators was postponed due to the fact that we're still in a pandemic, but they're against Florida tomorrow at seven. The Devils stepped up big last time so lets hope we get a repeat this time.

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