MLW Fusion: Alpha #8 Review


1.Los Parks vs 5150 ***1/4

2.12 Man Survival Elimination Tag: EJ, Holliday, Vega, Blue Meanie, Warhorse, Zenshi vs Gino, Ikuro, KC, Ku, Mo, Beastman **3/4

3.Richards vs Fish ***3/4


The show opened with a fun tease for old Lucha Underground fans.

The opener was a fun brawl. The finish didn't make much sense, but I loved the chaos nonetheless. In fact, I'm doing something rare and including things not from within the bells in the rating.

I recently read that Elite Lucha Libre is looking to return again. The day of the week feels a bit troublesome, but I'm more excited than I should be. I have no idea if it will actually return nor if it'll last very long this time, but I appreciated that show and felt it was closer to what I'd want from a CMLL show. This felt like something worth stating here.

Big Beef teaser and then Josef cut a promo.

The mid-card was a quick paced and frantic clusterfuck, largely meant to push EJ. It felt a lot like a rushed cibernetico. A status solidifier with some seeds put down. It was entertaining for what it was and largely worked. Is The Judge really going with a spinebuster as his finish, though?

Cesar and Willow shared a moment and then we had some Fatu drama. They're figuring out how to use Dario, for the most part, more and more.

The main event was a semi-final in this year's Opera Cup. As I had expected, and hoped, it was a calculated strike exchange heavily dipped in technicality. It was Link vs Dark Link. Great stuff for sure.

The episode fades out after a campy, but fun, backstager that helped build up the War Chamber match as well as the a future title match (that I admittedly don't care about).

In all, this was a strong episode of Fusion: Alpha. Sincerely. Props to MLW for stepping up during this set of tapings and I hope the quality remains at this level. If it does, I'll keep coming back.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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