AEW Rampage #12 Review


1.Bryan Danielson vs Eddie Kingston ****1/2

2.Dante Martin vs Matt Sydal ***1/2

3.Trick or Treat Match: Britt Baker vs Abadon ***


This edition of Rampage was pretty fun.

Bryan and Eddie put in for a casual match of the year contender to open the show.

Eddie and Punk shared a moment backstage, which should be a great match and the promos for it would be amazing.

Dante Martin picked up a big win in a borderline great contest and his subplot with Lio Rush continues. I really hope they continue to shape Martin because the dude is picking up all of the pieces right now to be a real big name sooner than later. I'd be cool with him being the first to beat Punk if they keep propping him up quickly enough in the right way.

The main event is very polarizing. I seem to be a moderate here, which feels dirty. Is was a bit sloppy at times, but it helped form an ugliness about this that somehow worked. Honestly, they were really building into something and Abadon was even coming off well but then they ran with a protected finish (not the only one from the tapings) which hurt this more than anything. Oh well, still fun shit for Halloween time.

This was a strong edition, warts and all.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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