Ring of Honor #524 Review


1.Briscoes vs Zayne, Rust ***1/4

2.VLNCE UNLTD vs Danhausen, PCO,Demonic Flamita, Sledge ***


This week's episode is a throwaway episode that I'm sure will be a touch polarizing.

The opener was a good tag match, but it felt like a mistake to have Rust and Zayne fail.

In the mid spot, we saw a chuck of roster come out to challenge Rok-C, setting up an announced tournament to crown a #1 contender.

In the main, TeamHausen and VLNCE ULTD worked a fun,but chaotic, multiman with some touches of comedy mixed in. Good, but I can see it rubbing folks the wrong way and it wasn't must-see regardless.

If you're a diehard fan, you've probably already watched this. Everyone else can skip it unless they are tempted to watch it for some reason. 

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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