dWo Digest #4: Slight Deflation

The pre-season is over and the games that actually matter are set to begin. After a strong start, going 4-0, the group ended with a big L to their rivals in the Rangers and then saw their final game, against the Islanders, cancelled due to power issues at The Rock.

Momentum killer?

Not completely, but it's a blow nonetheless. The best chance New Jersey has to push beyond realistic expectations will require a hot start to the regular season. Perhaps the best rocket fuel will be the way they played in early October, but we shouldn't discredit the deflating blast New York dropped on Wednesday, even if it's just an even shot response to the October 1st contest between the pair.

Here's a link to the fight from the game, by the way. Tensions were high after an injury that involved PK early on which led to the moment. To be clear, even if I wasn't a fan I wouldn't blame Subban for what took place. Shit happens.

Still, to move away from any perceived gloom here, I think we fans should stay very optimistic about how the Devils will perform this year. I stand by my preview expectations and believe we'll see a major jump forward for the club on the ice, getting us either just barely into the post-season or pretty damn close. We'll also have a lot more completive displays in general and will have numerous reasons to be proud members of the dWo.

So, with that, let me introduce you officially to the Devils World Order. Ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries, if you're interested in officially joining the dWo, please send an email to rwplusb@gmail.com and the following:

  • Name
  • Current City and State
  • How long you've been a fan
It doesn't cost and never will. I will send an .png file and instructions on how to get a custom dWo shirt for those that are interested. Here's an image of me holding mine. This is just a way for us diehards to stick together and I will set up a way for us all to chat once the numbers get to a certain, TBD threshold. I will post frequent updates throughout the season with numbered dWo titled entries here on RW+B of course and appreciate any and all continued support.

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