Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle #121 Review


1.DoiYoshi vs R.E.D. ***1/2


Note, I'm on vacation until the end of the week. This is likely the last post you'll see here until I'm back. Thank you for reading.

Yoshino is one of the best performers of all time, in my opinion. I've enjoyed his career and am saddened to see it end, but am also happy to see him going out in this manner instead of sticking around way past his prime, like some do. The Speed Star never broke out stateside, but is well known and respected in Japan and by just about everyone in the business. This episode makes the conclusion of his time as an in-ring worker. For that reason alone, this is worth watching. The match itself was a very good contest as well, with a lot of story work mixed in throughout. Eita got the pin and everyone looked good here.

Thank you Masato, for the years of entertainment. You were sincerely one of the best ever.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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