MLW Fusion: Alpha #3 Review


1.Injustice vs 5150 **1/4

2.Nightingale vs Vox **3/4

3.MLW Heavyweight Title: Fatu(c) vs Cross ***1/4


So, I've been clear with my issues with MLW in the past. I want the program to be good, but it rarely lives up to my expectations. A big part of the issue is their taping format, with MLW recording multiple weeks at the same time with much of the roster working a few matches and thus not going 100% in any of them. While I appreciate the benefits of doing this, and know there are easy fixes, for MLW it is still an issue nonetheless. On top of this, in the past they've had some tapings that have increasingly been underwhelming which translates to weeks of mediocre content. They're also terrible at transparency.

Regardless, the Alpha series, despite not being that different than normal Fusion episodes, has been fun. Entertain me and I'll keep coming back and they're doing that right now decently enough. Lets see if it continues here.

Hammerstone keeps knocking, but he can't get in.

Not-LAX cheated to beat Injustice in an okay opener. After, they attacked Reed and then a ref, painting an "L" on the latter's back.

Next, we had a fun little intro segment for the new women's division in MLW. Apparently Court wants a women's promotion eventually instead of an integrated one, which I disagree with but I disagree with him on a lot of things. I also have no say and am just along for the ride. That's fine. It should be an openwight at least, considering the featherweight gimmick already seems off.

Hammerstone and Contra drama. It continued throughout the night.

A Bobby Fish package runs. That feels outdated in record time, doesn't it...

For the midcard, we have women's featherweight action. I wish they'd have the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships defended in MLW sometime soon. It'd be a nice choice. Anyway, I am ALWAYS for CHIKARA folk getting more chances and that's exactly what this was. This division is already one of the more underrated women's divs and it just started. It started on a good note with a decent match. No complaints.

When does the CRASH taped content air???

Richards and TJP had some backstage drama.

Backstage, 5150 stole a cameraman's shoes.

They ran down the build of Fatu vs Hammerstone.

Our main event, despite being predictable as fuck, was good shit. I really enjoyed Fatu as champ and felt he was the perfect fit. I would've been fine with an even longer run. On this episode, he got his last successful defense. Cross was fun, like usual, and was bodybagged after to close the episode.

For a go home show, all issues I have are minor nitpicks. The wrestling won't blow you away an it's not the best show out there, but Fusion: Alpha continues to be entertaining and I'm enjoying it more than I have MLW products at a consistent rate than usual. 


I watched this in the morning, sore from hiking. Fightland and more coming likely this weekend, post-vacation.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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