1.Trey Miguel vs Alex Zayne vs Laredo Kid ***1/2

2.The Influence vs Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering *3/4

3.Christopher Daniels vs Madman Fulton **1/4

4.Street Fight: Eddie Edwards vs W. Morrissey ***


I'll add this week's TV roundup, in a slightly different format, later. Tomorrow I technically start vacation. As far as this show, I actually forgot to post this yesterday but I was closing out last week's TV post and decided to just watch the episode instead of making pulls.

It's the return of the Fallen Angel after all.

The X-Division tournament match rocked. You know how the skateboard games are unrealistic because no one could ever legit be that good? Well, these dudes are more than capable of working videogame style matches and it rocks how good things are right now in the X-Division. Alexander might have been an awesome champion, but the entire roster that's competing to fill the vacant spot are pretty damn good, too. While I wanted Laredo to win, I was fine with any of the three and Trey honestly does make the most sense.

Drama King and Laredo is a thing that will happen and Edwards is a misfit toy.

The Knockouts Tag Team #1 contender match sadly didn't flow very well, feeling disjointed more than anything else. The right team won considering the circumstances and I appreciate all of the competitors, but that's the nicest thing I can say about it and I think it's best to leave it at that.

Backstage drama with Daniels, Alexander, and Christian and then a Myers promo. Anderson and Gallows next promise to continue to beat 'em all.

We're then reminded of the ongoing Deonna/James rivalry and given a new chapter which saw the champ attack Mickie at her place. In real life we would have had a sequel to Arn's promo the other day, but instead we just had a pretty fun brawl around a farm. Good shit.

FinJuice has Sabin to help them out against the Bullet Club game.

Daniels put away Fulton next. Madman is a good base and a good bit player but I'm not big enough on the dude that I think he should be getting many singles matches. It worked in this case, providing CD with a nice return win. Alexander made the save during the match to stop Ace from getting involved. It was okay but more about the moment.

Backstage we get Swinger and then a setup for a tag match with Ace and Fulton versus CD and Alexander.

An in-ring VBD segment saw the return of Heath coming in to help Rhino. It was okay.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Digital Media Championship. The concept works well enough but the name is a bit iffy and they have a bad history of extended championships failing. Maybe the name will grow on me and they'll make it work.

The main event was a good hardcore brawl. Morrisey isn't a great worker but situations like these work well for him. Edwards, of course, is pretty damn good, though. Building block stuff down the stretch and in the post that I could do without, but fans more attached to the product might have enjoyed it.

In all, I think watching this full episode reminded me that watching via pulls remains the best choice. They're a far better product than fans tend to give credit and the roster and content is thumbs up worthy. They also have portions I don't care much for, but they're a variety wrestling program too which means not everything is going to be my cup of tea. The best compliment I can give here is that the opener and main event were good and I enjoyed the cinematic brawl. The show went down pretty easy and I think a lot of fans would enjoy watching each week if they'd give them one more chance.

Overall Rating: 65/100%