dWo Digest #3: Weekend Biscuits

Over the weekend, the Devils continued to pick up wins that don't matter as if they were Wayne Brady on Who's Line. While the W's won't count toward their season records, I don't think they should be written off, either. In fact, I think Devils fans should be feeling pretty damn great right about now.

Up first, the Rangers ate seven and only gave one in return on Friday evening with seven different players netting the goals. The blowout felt like a statement win at The Rock and these are the kinds of things that can get a team off to a hot start once the true stretch starts.

The fact that it left the Blueshirts pissed is just an extra cherry.

Following the game, Ryan Schmelzer, Marek Mitens, Jeremy Groleau, and Michael Vukojevic were all sent down to Utica. On Sunday, Chase Stillman, Robbie Russo, Brian Flynn, and Nate Schnarr were also cut from training camp with Chase moving back to Sudbury and the rest likely moving to Utica as well.

On Saturday, the squad downed the Islanders 2-1 in OT. Jankowski put one past Schneider late in the third to send it into extra time and Yegor closed things out. The game winner once again deserves some praise for continuing to standout and looks to be a major component for success this season.

Not all was well in that latter game, though. Jack Hughes, the superstar in training, had to exit early. Ruff has said the kid has undergone tests and is hopeful to return to practice tomorrow. A note, but Ty Smith is still expected to be out for a short bit. The unit also looked a bit overwhelmed at times, with the Islanders just failing to find the back of the net more than once being the real reason for the scoreline more than anything else.

Still, even with the slight negatives and a some cautiousness, I personally am feeling pretty great about how things are shaping up thus far and stick by my claims in dWo #1 that this team is finally ready to start making real steps upward!

The Devils are playing Washington right now in game four. I am going on vacation in a couple of days, but expect possibly one more dWo post and a few more wrestling related entries before I'm MIA for a bit.

(this edition is covering games 2 & 3 of the preseason)

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