AEW Rampage #8 Review


1.Bryan Danielson vs Nick Jackson ***1/2

2.Thunder Rosa vs Nyla Rose vs Jade Cargill **3/4

3.Apuesta: Jack Evans vs Orange Cassidy **3/4


I likely will be a bit MIA this weekend. I'm just not feeling that great. That's why this will be kept short, too.

The opener was borderline great stuff and served well to highlight The American Dragon as a wrestler once again and Nick both as a performer and a heel. The drama after was interesting, too.

The women's three-way was okay but had a lot of warts. Most of those are a result of Jade, who aptly remains very green. I keep thinking to myself that they're doing her a great disservice by pushing her in the way they've been doing and this stance was cemented here greatly. Also, the best person here and the one that kept it closest to watchable ate the pin after some weak chair shots.

The main event was chaotic yet fun for what it was as the drama with HFO and Orange (and the Best Friends) continues. I'm sure Bully Ray is bitching about the way Evans sold the finish somewhere. The wrestling wasn't anything to write home about here, though both are great workers, and the story took the main stage. Honestly, a disappointing match despite being arguably good at the same time.

In all, this episode started strong but I didn't love the rest. The opener rocked, the midcard had a lot of issues, and the main didn't land as well as it should have. It all went down feeling fast at least. A very polarizing episode I'm sure, outside of that hug spot to fade to black.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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