Catching Up on MLW Fusion: Alpha (Episodes 4-6)


From Fusion: Alpha #4

1.Tankman vs Moriarty ***1/2

2.Richards vs Lawlor ***

From Fusion: Alpha #5

1.Tankman vs Cross ***1/4

2.IWA Caribbean Title: Holliday(c) vs King Muertes ***

From Fusion Alpha #6

1.Moriarty vs Fish ***1/4

2.TJP vs Shelley ***


I'm caught up on AEW, minus yesterday's episode, and have a lot more to catch up on. Here's the MLW post, following my Fightland review.

Calvin and Lee was pretty good, David vs Goliath shit (if David had been squished). After, Tankman was offered a spot in ATT.

Hammerstone dropped the National Openweight Championship and then him and Not-Dario spoke a bit, setting up War Chamber. A segment regarding Cesar, trying to make sense of something that doesn't make sense if you're a diehard LU fan. The Cesar stuff on this episode honestly was good shit. In fact, to jump ahead a tad, all of the Cesar stuff from this set of episodes was enjoyable and felt far better than how he had been utilized in the last few installments.

Richards and Lawlor was good, tech-heavy stuff. It didn't hit that next level, but it worked well for the situation.

5150 beat down YdB.

Holliday was seen hurt backstage to kick off the next one, with Contra doing the damage.

The Opera Cup opener was good shit. Tankman is going to be a really fun member of the MLW roster.

The backstage Fatu spy shit was well done, honestly.

This episode's main event was story heavy and the entire installment heavily protected Holliday. Despite the shot knees, Mil stepped up well enough here and the contest was a bit better than expected. It's kind of cool seeing the dude hold a championship, even if it's not one that matters in the slightest.

Episode six started with a terrible Cesar/Muertes segment.

Two AEW dudes worked an Opera Cup match as the opener, which saw Fish best Moriarty in a good technical battle. I admittedly would've preferred the opposite outcome, but Fish winning is logical.

Backstage, Tankman rejected ATT and got some shit for it.

A badass Park family segment ran. Great shit and I'm always happy to see them on TV.

Cesar had a chat with Mads. Mads then killed some folks during a bit that I basically jumped past.

A Not-LAX package aired and then a pretty fucking funny segment backstage with Hammerstone, Alicia, and Holliday.

Sigh...nZo is coming back. I won't speak to the allegations, because I know the charges were dropped or whatever. I don't know everything about the case and honestly I know often that victims go without justice because of our broken system. False accusations are very rare, though. But, because he is indeed never going to be found guilty we all have to just move past that. I still don't like him either way, because he's not that great of a worker and he has come off as an arrogant piece of shit for years. I have no idea why Court wants to bring in that kind of toxicity into his company, but he has been willing to hire other turds in the past so maybe I should've expected it. Don't expect me to be reviewing much involving the dude, either way. If he entertains you, congrats.

TJP versus Shelley main evented and was good, but the finish was rather weak and came off poorly. Oh well. Too bad Alex didn't move forward.

MLW is a car crash but it's been more fun than not lately and I'm having a decent time watching the product. Consider it a love/hate relationship. Check out anything I've covered here that sounds interesting.

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