1.Ruaka vs Nakano NR

2.Saki vs Giulia NR

3.Unagi vs Utami NR

4.Syuri vs AZM NR

5.Maika vs Ruaka NR

6.Mina vs Saki NR

7.Natsupoi vs Starlight Kid NR

8.Tam vs Saya ***1/2

9.Future of STARDOM Title: Unagi(c) vs Sakurai NR

10.Konami vs Unagi NR

11.AZM vs Maika NR

12.Fukigen Death vs Starlight Kid NR

13.Konami vs Saya NR

14.Tam vs Maika NR

15.Mayu vs Natsupoi ***

16.Koguma vs Giulia ***1/4


We breezed right through night three tournament matches, though admittedly I do wish they had aired Syuri vs AZM in some form outside of just the finish. Night four saw Starlight force a double countout and then her, and her unit, attack Natsupoi.

The only match aired in some true form from nights 3 and 4 saw Tam Nakano and Saya Kamitani in a high speed battle. This had a strong pace, tight action, and a finish that felt like a big deal.

We then seemingly jumped right past night 5, which admittedly seems like an off night show anyway, and over to night 6 for the rest of the episode.

The Future of STARDOM Championship defense got the W1 TV treatment, though it wasn't apparently worth seeing either way.

We then jumped back to night 5 because...why the fuck not, I guess. It only lasted for two quick finish clips, though.

The next match we were actually able to see some of saw Natsupoi and Mayu Iwatani. It lived up to my expectations decently enough. High octane work and the right person won. Good shit though not enough aired to hit recommendation levels.

We closed with a Giulia match. Fairly good shit and a decent choice to close #89.

This edition was pretty frantic and only recommendable for diehard fans, but personally I had a lot of fun. This year's tournament has been very enjoyable thus-far and I am eager to see what's next.

Overall Rating: 70/100%