Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle #113 Review


1.King of Gate Finals: KZY vs Kota Minoura ****1/4


The previous episode showcased the tournament semi-finals while this one moves us forward to the finals, with KZY and Minoura in singles action.

This fucking rocked.

Kota really is a future star. The dude is just 22 years old, has only been working for four years, and he is picking this shit up very well. He looked awesome here and even though I agree that it wasn't the right time for him to win, they're clearly showcasing that he'll be a big part of the future.

It's one thing Dragongate does very well, constantly getting the next generation ready for spots.

Add in KZY winning, after also putting in a strong performance, and this really felt special. While the match was fantastic in a vacuum, once you add in the ramifications overall and all of the other depth and you have one hell of a match.

The official challenge to Shun Skywalker was made after.

Cutting Edge Battle was arguably my favorite wrestling show not that long ago and DG was my favorite promotion not that long ago, too. Now that I've found it again, I am overjoyed and am truly loving the experience of working through these. Even if none of that sounds like something you can sympathize with, the fact of the matter is you'll have a very hard time finding another 30-minute episode of wrestling that is this stacked. We are STARDOM!! is the only other show that's doing this and I'd say that that show and Cutting Edge Battle are easily some of best wrestling programs available.

Check this one out.

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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