1.King of Gate Semi-Final: YAMATO vs Kota Minoura ***1/4

2King of Gate Semi-Final: .KZY vs SB KENTo ***1/4


This one started with a digest look at the King of Gate tournament before launching us into the semi-finals.

YAMATO and Kota's match was a good one and I'm pretty happy to see Minoura get the win. He's really been growing on me and it felt like the right move in my opinion. The ending felt a bit off and not a lot was aired, but I enjoyed it well enough.

After, KAI talked shit on YAMATO and challenged him to a no-rope lumberjack match.

The other semi was not only good, but it felt like a major moment. It really wasn't that long ago that KZY was a serviceable hand that just played his role. He's increasingly been showing up more and more though and has made for many memorable moments lately, which is especially cool considering he's 15 years into his career at this point. A flash pin over arguably the biggest dick in the company closed this one to send the dude to the finals.

This episode isn't recommendable based off of quality alone, but from a story standpoint, especially for a fan that's getting back into the product more closely, it was worth the watch. 

Overall Rating: 70/100%