Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle #114 Review


1.HIGH-END(Ben-K, Dragon Kid, Okuda, Kagetora) vs Natural Vibes(Horiguchi, Shimizu, Susumu, U-T) ***1/4


Kagetora joined HIGH-END to start the episode and we saw clips from previous shows. Shimizu joined Natural Vibes and the group mimicked Rikishi and Too Cool's old entrance. What is life.

Despite the fact that any other company giving that gimmick to a roster member would be a clear sign of drama, meant to turn someone into a joke, DG isn't any other company. Instead, Shimizu was booked very strong throughout and even got the winning pin over Ben-K to close the match.

The contest itself was a good throwaway atomico, but it's nothing you need to run and see. Only check it out if you're bored and caught up on everything else.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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