Seventy-one albums in, and Willie Nelson is still clearly having a good time doing exactly what he wants to do. In this case, we have a tribute to Frank Sinatra. Even the cover art is meant as a tribute, with Frank's ninth album serving as a reference point. Of course, this is actually the second time Willie has paid tribute to the great, deceased performer, with My Way from a few year's back being the initial release to do so.

A look at how many albums this legend has released actually has me wondering if he can manage to catch up to his age before he inevitably passes on. In his late 80's, I still think it's possible thanks to his incredible work ethic. It'll just take a wild spark, likely fueled by some super weed developed by some mad scientist. Even if it doesn't happen, this catalog deserves nothing but praise.

That's Life is full of tracks that are associated with the blue eyed singer, and Willie puts his own twist on them to decent success. While I cannot recommend this on quality alone, the novelty might be enough for some. If not that, perhaps you're just an old fan of Nelson's and want to hear his latest. If none of that applies, feel free to skip it.

Props regardless, Willie. You are truly an icon of the industry and I admire how few fucks you give.

Rating: ***