We are STARDOM!! #85 Review

1.World of STARDOM Title: Utami(c) vs Tora *1/2
2.Artist of STARDOM Titles: Cosmic Angels(c) vs Queen's Quest ***3/4
3.SWA Undisputed Title: Syuri(c) vs Unagi NR
4.Future of STARDOM Title: Shirakawa(c) vs Unagi ***


I wanted to watch this live but I was at the doctor. Doesn't appear to be COVID, but I'm dealing with a nasty upper respiratory infection and it sucks. Ever cough and sneeze so often that your entire upper body hurts like you've been hit by a truck? Fuck this virus like Flair certainly didn't fuck that girl. I also missed Dynamite and will have to watch/review it later today.

The YouTube video incorrectly suggests that this installment includes Utami versus Syuri in the description section, which is not correct. Just a heads up. That match can be seen on THIS episode and you can read my review of it HERE.

Up first, we did get Utami in action, though. Her and Tora put in for what was becoming an acceptable throwaway defense to add to the champion's title reign. It had typical Oedo Tai shenanigans leading presumably to a comeback spot. Tora tweaked her knee on a shitty looking stomp spot which took out basically any momentum and forced an end to the match instead. I hope Tora heals quickly and wish her the best. 

That should have been clipped down a bit more so that the next one had more time.

Second, Tam, Unagi, and Mina of the Cosmic Angels defeated the QQ trio of Utami, Saya, and AZM. Smooth trios action, as one tends to expect from STARDOM Artist defenses, and I especially enjoyed the Saya/Tam sequence early on. A Queen's Quest triple diving dropkick on the Wonder Champ also was pretty sick and the entire endstretch was chaotic entertainment. Great stuff.

Clips from a recent SWA defense aired, showing Syuri retaining by knockout thanks to a punt to Unagi's head.

We closed with a Future of STARDOM title change that saw the Cosmic Angel members work a good one. Unagi won her first singles championship here and is positioned for a continued rise.

This one is hard to recommend in whole, to be honest. The first match ended with injury, the third is just clips for a minute, and the main was good and had a title change, but was still below recommendation levels. The only thing I'd say you should potentially go out of your way for is the Cosmic Angels versus Queen's Quest contest. Feel free to do with that as you'd like.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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