Results will be updated throughout the night. Wanna watch this? Well, you're either at the show (why the fuck are you reading this) or you will need to wait forever and buy it on DVD. I hope everyone is well and thanks for checking out the site, as always.

1.Tony Deppen beat Jack Cartwheel

2.Brody King beat JD Drake

3.Demonic Flamita beat Arez

4.Jon Gresham beat Lee Moriarty


Here's some random shit while we wait.

Mr. Shitty Little Boots himself tweeted THIS. One person claims to have seen Danielson at the airport today. They're likely full of shit. Can someone get SD to stop being so damn punk rock and start streaming shit or something? Ian Riccaboni teased a rematch of Gresham/Moriarty in ROH.

5.Aramis, Rey Horus beat Trey Miguel, Myron Reed

(phone died, sorry)

6.Orange Cassidy beat Evil Uno

7.Bandido retained the PWG World Title against Taurus

After, Demonic Flamita and Taurus attack Bandido. 

Lights out. 


Lights out.

Tommy Fucking End for the save.

Brody and End embrace.