Every once in a while, you'll come across something on accident or check something out on a whim. In my experience, those moments aren't always winners, but when they are they certainly feel like a great thing.

Fightmilk is a great thing.

Contender is a charming album top to finish, full of top shelf, fizzling pop rock that fills your heart up and leaves you smiling. A punk attitude is on display for sure across the tracks and you're left behind with an idea that these people would likely be really fun to hang out with.

The vocals bounce nicely off of the instrumental play and it all feels far more polished than you'd expect a band like this to have access to. It's a testament not just to how professional Fightmilk is, but those they choose to work with when putting this release together.

If you get a chance, go check out Contender today. It's sincerely great and this band certainly has already proven that they have a big future ahead of them. 

Rating: ***3/4