AEW Dark #104 Review

1.Thunder Rosa vs Heather Reckless NR
2.Varsity Blonds vs Ren, Brayden NR
3.Dean vs Hobbs NR
4.Dante Martin vs 5 ***1/2
5.Lucha Bros vs The Factory **3/4
6.Dark Order vs Herro, Moore NR
7.Best Friends vs HFO ***1/2


We're kicked off with a look at Punk's return on Rampage again before we move to the show proper. 

Thunder Rosa finished off her jobber quickly enough.

The women's casino battle royale match's first participant is announced as being Nyla Rose. The biggest surprise entrant is to be Ruby Soho.

The Gunn Club versus The Factory, Wild Things and Darby versus The Wingmen, and Jericho talking about his future is announced for tomorrow.

The Varsity Blonds made quick work of Ren and Brayden.

The All Out Punk/Allin package runs.

Hook is out with Hobbs and taking on the Captain. It started hot and ended quick. I'm pretty sure the beatdown spot after while Starks worked the mic lasted longer than the actual match. Fun shit.

An ad for the AEW general manager game runs. I tried it. It's not my style.

Baker and gang are out next for a chat with Tony. Red Velvet eventually runs out, starts getting in trouble, and then Kris makes the save as the faces run off Hayter, Baker, and Rebel. Decent shit and a nice thing to have included on Dark I suppose.

Dante Martin and 5's match was pretty good shit. I really love how much talent AEW has down the roster. Tight, action packed excitement.

Alex dropped the glove in our semi-semi! He caught a second. Excalibur says he lost $10k for dropping it. The Varsity Blonds, at ringside, had a moment with Penta and Fenix a bit later. Solid match and I give The Factory credit for being a decent enough team.

Dark Order bested their jobbers quickly.

Excalibur comes closer than ever to revealing to the general audience that Orange Cassidy is Fire Ant in the main event. The Best Friends/HFO rivalry is pretty fun. So was the match. A nice crowdpleaser and a strong way to close the episode.

Dark this week was just as entertaining as I had hoped and expected and I love the run-time. I am having a blast with these and recommend it to folks that enjoyed the old WCW secondary shows, are getting into AEW, or people that maybe even miss NXT being worth seeing because there's a WCW Pro meets NXT vibe to the shows in a way.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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