Were you even aware that we bombed Somalia a few days ago? Biden sure as fuck wasn't seeing as it was done without him. Props on most of our removal thus far from the middle east forever war and the mass reduction in drone strikes, but you have to ask why the fuck things like that are being done without the Commander in Chief being notified properly. Poor brown folks don't matter, though. Right? I mean, that's how we treat poor folks in our country too, so it makes sense that we'd give even less a damn about foreign ones.

Politics, especially in the United States, is just pro wrestling without the MOTYC's anyway. When the cameras go on, the talking points hand delivered to the respective persons by their corporate owners spew out. When they turn off, they talk friendly with the folks from the "other side of the aisle" that they were just bashing mindlessly as traitors or whatever term they've had chosen for them this time.

Most of you know this, yet far too many still line up single file when it's election time to vote party lines and enable further bullshit. The devotion to the system that stomps you down and the tribalism battles in our latest handpicked culture wars rolls on.

Here's a fun thing to ask yourself, by the way...

Why is the government just now finally admitting openly that UFOs are real? Sure, they refuse to state that it's alien related but they also have largely admitted it is illogical to consider anything else. What's the end game plan with the admittance to a subject that has been silenced for decades to the point that you're a tinfoil hat wearing dipshit for even asking about them?

Speaking of tinfoil hates, the need for a Wuhan commission grows larger with news that media god Fauci wants to continue funding the lab with safety regulation issues that COVID 19 potentially escaped from. Selective word games and choice hit points have been enough to maintain hero status for the dude that has no issue lying to the American public about important safety information.

Using conservative numbers, the amount of Americans that have died from the pandemic comes close to matching the amount lost in the American Civil War. About 200 times the amount as died on 9/11 died from the virus by the same metrics if you want a more modern representation to how fucked it all is. We're still in the middle of it, as the variants rampage through unvaccinated populations and are killing kids more than previous versions, and most are acting as if everything is fine.

Nina Turner's opponent getting such support from establishment Democrats says more than most are willing to admit. The party will do whatever they need to to try to keep anything left of center squashed down. A reminder, but I was a campaign manager last year and also helped a POTUS campaign at a smaller scale. The former saw a Democrat use shady tactics to erase us from the ballot, requiring weeks of time, money, and the state Supreme Court stepping in. It deflated the run and the Democrat still lost big to a complete dipshit because she had nothing to offer the voters and just felt she deserved to win.

The Flint drama continues, as we now are finding out the records have just vanished into thin air. So, that's fun. See no evil, right?

The elderly and the impoverished are continuing to pay the price for a ticket written up by industries far richer than themselves thanks to climate crisis happenings. They've already been paying for this shit for a while now and it's just getting worse. The fact that it's starting to hurt folks with a tad bit more money is part of why the narrative has switched from "it not even happening to," essentially, "there's nothing we can do".

Hunter Biden's art career is off to a swell start. The moves they've made with the promise to avoiding corruption literally enable just that. Nepotism and corruption are lovely things that often align with the White House, of course. Look at the last four years for more examples.

The United States response to the COVID-19 pandemic was laughably bad, of course, and exposed the decrepit bones. Most doubled down in accepting that all was right with the world. American exceptionalism has really done a number on folks. I say shit like I do here and promote my own policy stances the way that I do because I truly believe we can make the country truly great. To many are used to getting a shit covered handshake and smiling about it. I'm not less patriotic because of my stances. 

Just saying.

What is the purpose of Government if not the ensure the safety of its populace and ensure the ability to prosper for all? When you see someone on television propping themselves up, ask yourself what they're doing and have done to do these things. More likely than not, they've just enabled corporate interests and use the fall back pay-for argument against any attempts to do their jobs.

Moving along, Walgreens was caught stealing wages from employees. Miners have been striking for a while now with no publicity and some have been intentionally ran down for trying to stand up. Frito Lay employees' strike was super depressing as well. Look up all three of those if you get a chance and want to see why corporate worship is bullshit.

A certain major company that many of you use daily is further evidence of the faults with that move. When exposed and found guilty, they lashed out and used our system to put someone on house arrest for two years (and counting). They skirted responsibility and the US government has seemingly cheered them on in the process.

Trump, the ultimate grift artist, has been enjoying the $75 million PAC money, hasn't he? This is the dude that is "suing" tech companies, asking for money to help him do so, and didn't even file the suits correctly. He's a conman selling off-brand populism, leaning heavily into The Other tactics, all the while he's doing drugs and fucking the very people he says he's protecting you against. It's almost comical.

I'll end my rant there. Thanks for reading, as always.