Beautiful Bedlam's debut release matches their name rather nicely, blending and bending jazz and metal based prog rock leanings. The unit, from Australia, impress on their freshmen offering. Artful with a slight edge and the general musicianship is worth a Too Sweet.

The guest spots sprinkled throughout help ensure a variety throughout as well, which is appreciated. Never does it deviate too far to feel as if it might be lesser as a whole, which ensures a nice short story source of tunes once you hit play.

I feel confident when I say that anyone that appreciates progressive music, regardless of their favored sub-genre, will find something to enjoy here. It's a very good start and my criticisms are rather small nitpicks more than anything.

Check out Beautiful Bedlam and keep an eye out, because I have a feeling they're going to be a force in the prog-rock community for years to come.

Rating: ***1/2