As we continue to see the rich boys, with no idea what to do with their money, continue to race to do the same things NASA already did years ago, we should be laughing and crying at the same time. Not clapping. Billionaire travel that takes you to just the border of what is considered space and an apparent endgame to flee the world they've destroyed. These are the dudes that could have been Batman but decided not to. Never trust folks that could have been Batman but decided not to. Can we just fucking fund NASA properly, please? And NOAA? Yeah, lets do that.

AOC finally is showing teeth it seems. Look, the point of the Justice Democrats was to be the Tea Party of the left but, as expected, they've largely been nerfed. By themselves. But, I'll note that her statements recently set herself up for a spot at the discussion table for the ongoing talking down of the infrastructure plans that oil industry puppets are participating in. Now, she and her colleagues need to step up and take it to the next level. As it stands, it's a political game but her just being there helps a tad in the attempt to stop the gutting of this all. My expectations are low but I give a slight nod to the minor attempt, I suppose. It'd be nice if we could stop pretending the Senate Parliamentarian is important in the slightest.

Meanwhile, she is plugging hard on her merch and it does make me want to gag a bit.

Epstein, a dude that "killed himself", is still dead and those he was aligned with are always in the news and on television and movie screens while we hear no news on the ties in the news. How did the sick piece of shit get away with what he was up to as long as he did? Remember, in 2005 he was caught red-handed and got weekend releases at a comfy prison and a short term. He returned to the same acts right after. The persecutor that went after Bill Clinton went hard to keep the dude out of prison it turns out, even getting an old work buddy in a powerful position to give an assist, leading the opposition to rush a plea deal. Check more on this out HERE

We'll never have the real answers to this but try finding out his real source of wealth. Let me know if you find it.

It appears that the FBI investigation into the pedophile, Nassar, that abused countless US Olympics athletes, was botched big and allowed multiple kids to be victimized as a result. When the dude looking into reports asks for a job, you know things are getting fucked up.

This is the same FBI that loves hatching plots that they entrap dumb, desperate, or disabled folks in and then foil them so they can get all of the cookies.

A man who's clearly one of those roach aliens from MIB, George W. Bush, spoke out about one of Biden's few legit good acts thus far as current POTUS as the media continues to largely attack the move to stop our forever wars. Meanwhile, the removal of troops is very popular in the country and Bush can fuck right off. Several US politicians now are calling for us to bomb Cuba because of their agenda to further discredit any political system left of center while ignoring the actual cause for unrest.

Protests in Florida, where they criminalized protesting and approved vehicular manslaughter to applause of the death cult right wingers, were allowed to take place largely without fault as allies to those same partisan talking points blocked streets to speak their message.

Prices continue to rise, rates stagnate, and we all suffer. The air is filled with smoke her in New York because of west coast fires and the world is fucking burning. Floods are killing Belgium and German, citizens. Others, too. The storm intensity will continue to increase as rapid warming fucks up the jet streams. Heatwaves continue with record breaking west coast temps that are truly deadly and well past 100 degrees. Sixty-percent of the area is in severe drought conditions. The ocean temperatures recently even cooked over a billion sea creatures near Vancouver and is destabilizing the ecosystem. 

In the Artic Ocean, the last ice-covered areas will melt in the coming months, leaving many species without homes and thus will cause a genocidal level of deaths.

It's more expensive to do nothing but all we are told when we ask for solutions, thanks to oil industry lines given to their owned politicians, is how we'll pay for it.

How will we not, because the dream of fleeing the planet for another isn't an answer that will actually save our race. And deep down, we all know it. We aren't heading for Star Trek but for Mad Max.