MLW Battle Riot III Review


1.Battle Riot III ***1/2


I have no idea why, but I was weirdly excited for this one. I don't even really like this general match gimmick usually, but not everything has to make sense, right?

Dari...I mean, Cesar Duran started things off. I really want this to work. Please, work out. Lucha Underground was one of my favorite things ever. MLW doesn't have the best track record but damn it, this shouldn't be fuckupable. Yes, that is a fucking word. Shut up. The logic behind Cesar appearing is illogical as me being excited for the show. He got the crowd fucking pumped and leaned heavily into his character. He's too fucking good at this shit.

Azteca Underground got a bit more definition here which was nice. We also had Cesar Duran announced as kayfabe match maker. It's a good role.

Someone tell Court to grow up and unblock me, by the way. It's sad how thin skinned he is about creative criticisms of MLW.

Injustice came out to interrupt. It was actually pretty well done. Oliver rocks on the mic and has been a underdog favorite since I saw him in CZW. They requested a match for the MLW Tag Team Championships. Music hit, a countdown, and then the LAX logo! The crowd got loud though admittedly it died down a bit when they saw who the new unit consisted of. Still, it's cool to see Konan alongside a new crew. This team won't be as good as previous versions but should still be entertaining. Limelight is the star. Overall, it was an entertaining segment that matched the outlaw tone of the MLW and it ended in chaos just like it should have.

Anyone remember MAD by the way? Just curious. The amount of AAA units that started and then vanished to never be seen again, mid-story, is rather large isn't it...

The CONTRA segment early on was fun, as always.

MLW Fusion Alpha is announced in a very intriguing package that left me curious for more info. A good tease for sure. 

Some required backstage ball drawing stuff. Few of those are ever good. This was...okay.

LA Park is getting a micro figure.

After all of that, we finally are ready to start Battle Riot.

Davey Richards let it ring as the first man out. I'm honestly excited to see him again and have never understood the hate he gets as a worker. Oh well, to each their own or whatever.

Lawlor was out second. The reaction to his denim short shorts was as expected. 

After that we had TJP, Moriarty, Osbourne (to the Von Erich music), King Mo who immediately tried to kill Moriarty, Tankman, Arez, Gringo Loco, Zenshi Kingston, ARAMIS!!!, Taz Kane, Myron, Savio, Oliver, Beastman, LAX (Slice, Limelight) with a shopping cart and some goodies and allowed to enter together for some reason, Son of Havoc, Dao, Marshall Von Erich, Monster Nduka, Kimchee, Dice, Kevin Ku, Navarro, Lance Anoa'i, Tom Park, Gotch, Daivari, Blue Meanie, Kwon, Ross Von Erich, Josef, Hammerstone, Sentai Death Squad as a pair but counted as one because why the fuck not, Kwang, King Muertes, Medina, and Krugger, followed in that order.

They let the entrance music run a bit long during walk/run-outs. Around the time Kane came out, it had gotten far too bloated and some clunky spots took place down the stretch. I also understand Hammerstone winning while also not caring much for it.

Best I can tell, this was the last match of a long set of tapings at The 2300. The crowd was still fairly hot for it. There was loads of action, drama, and honestly it just came off as a truly entertaining watch. The debuts were largely fun, too. MLW has often underdelivered on things, often with matches and angles feeling like they never fully hit the mark. That wasn't the case here, though.

Battle Riot III was possibly the most fun I've ever had watching Major League Wrestling and the entire event just hit the spot nicely. The angles at the starting point were all alright to good and the Battle Riot match was pretty enjoyable. Honestly, give it a look. MLW have come off nicely with this is it feels like a new starting point for the brand. I hope it's a good one.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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