We are STARDOM!! #82 Review


1.Cinderella Tournament Semi-Final: Unagi vs Maika ***

2.Cinderella Tournament Semi-Final: Himeka vs Saya ****

3.Cinderella Tournament Finals: Maika vs Saya ****


It was a busy week last week. The weekend especially, which featured a trip to Niagara Falls. It was good shit. Before I get to the review of the latest episode of my favorite weekly wrestling series, have I mentioned the Flair news? I am of the belief that she will be going to AEW once her contract ends with WWE. I prefer dropping stuff like that randomly on my blog in various, unrelated posts. Fuck those clickbait sites that fill the majority of the wrestling world.

This installment saw the end of the Cinderella Tournament.

The first match featured Maika drop Unagi with a Michinoku Driver to move on. Good stuff overall though you can skip it just as easily.

Second, Saya and Himeka's match, on the other hand, is absolutely must-see and I fucking loved every moment. While I really wanted Himeka to take the W, Saya was so damn fun here that I was okay with the outcome. Way to step up big!

The finals were a star maker. Saya came off as amazing in victory and Maika once again looked great as well. This event is the day Saya became one of the biggest current names in STARDOM while Maika continued building her own impressive resume. Oh, and that Phoenix Splash finish was awesome.

We are STARDOM!! continues to be a hit and this one is an absolute required viewing installment for sure. If you care about this roster and its future, make time for the best 30 minutes of wrestling each week. 

Overall Rating: 85/100%