A Day to Remember: You're Welcome Review

I needed a lift me up and hoped that A Day to Remember's latest could do just that. It did decent. Yeah, it's heavy expectations to levy on anything but I did it regardless. There's no law against it and you can fuck off even if there was, or whatever.

So edgy, right?

You're Welcome is the first full album from the group that I've heard since Homesick, I think. I'm pretty damn sure, at least. Admittedly pop punk doesn't always sucker me in these days and even their heavier take on the genre doesn't usually do it, either. That's fine. To each their own, right?

So, I'll say this. If you are a huge fan of the genre you likely should get it. Not much felt revolutionary but they came off sincere in their efforts at creating new tunes in their field, at least. Props there. If you lean more to other genres, you can likely skip it.

Pretty good and loads of fun. Not great, but a solid addition nonetheless.

Rating: ***1/2

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