Mogwai: As the Love Continues Review

I listened to this partly while watching this week's amazing episode of We are STARDOM!! and honestly
it was an amazing 1-2 punch. Mogwai has always been a titan of music to me and I consider them engineers of sound in the truest sense. This album is perhaps my favorite from them and I consider it a natural next step forward for both the band and the genre at large, reminding folks that post rock is far from dried up and dead.

The brilliance and maturity in the compositions add to the crushing yet lifting weight, leaving me feeling both exhausted yet free. A paradox for sure, but I hope anyone who gives this a spin can relate.

With my surgery looming tomorrow morning, I am admittedly very nervous. This helped.

As the Love Continues feels like a band at their best and is true, to be frank. You can feel the energy coming off of every note and it leaves you feeling better for it. It's an absorbing release and one of my favorite albums in years.

If you've ever considered yourself a fan of the genre or this band, this is a must-listen. If not, consider it a key to enter an exciting new world.

Rating: ****3/4