The Ancient Terror stood, with The Elder Pillar Staff firm in hand, overlooking the field below. His power had grown to near absolute and the battle before him was being essentially manipulated by an invisible appendage of the dark, towering beast.

The Staff he welded had been manipulated to his will and no longer was recognizable in this form to its prior image. Blackened to a shade of near-perfect dark with a noticeable twist creating various splinters to grow outward. A gem rest on top, giving off a faint light. Fitted in seemingly unorganized fashion all around the staff, three rings also gave off a light of their own.

The monstrosity was the oldest living being still alive and in a deep knowledge there was also a near ego. When you have seen it all, the future is all but predictable, right!?

A battle of all races and he had his favorites. The ones he deemed most worthy of sharing the land with him once it was over. 

And they were winning...