Match from 2AW Grand Slam in 2AW Square:

1.2AW Openweight Title: Yoshida Ayato(c) vs Takizawa Taishi ****1/4


While putting together my watch list, I wanted to make time for something from 2AW. A reminder, but 2AW is just a rebranded K-Dojo resulting from the news that Taka was a scumbag.

Ayato was picked during the rebranding phase as a key part of the future of the company and the dude really does have a lot of potential. Takizawa on the other hand has held loads of gold and is one of the best dudes in Japan that never really made it to the "bigs", for whatever reason. Regardless of rank and position in the game, these two showed true fighting spirit here as they battled for 30 minutes and kept a strong pace throughout alongside some true hard work and stiff strikes. I had decent expectations when I picked this as my taste of 2AW for now and those were blown away for sure.

If you love epic puro battles and want a taste of something different, consider this one for sure!