NWA When Our Shadows Fall Preview

The NWA has been making a lot of weird moves this year, haven't they? I mean, they came back from the pandemic pause by pulling all of their content from YouTube, without comment leaving many to assume the worst, and moved to a subscription system on Fite. That alone was a huge question mark, and I really wish I could see how their numbers look as a result. I know they'd be down, but by how much. The content they do add to YT is clips, randomly added, usually about two weeks after the fact. While partly anecdotal, I see major dips in buzz now versus prior to the shutdown. I've searched around and it seems to be a fair assessment, though.

Now, it's time for their big show to close the latest season. It keeps the theme they've set for themselves since Corgan took over but the issue is the layout of the latest season and the lack of proper promotion they've done. Until today, all we knew for sure is that Murdoch was getting a shot at Aldis. Everything else was speculative. The last episode of the season was last week, with no go home installment of Powerrr the week of the show. That's right; they've seemingly cut their audience down while also barely promoting the upcoming special event that they're charging $20 for. I'm pretty sure the issue there should be obvious, right? And no, Power Surge should not count as an excuse here. You wouldn't excuse AEW using a secondary show like Dark to be the primary place where last minute builds take place in go-home fashion, with no episode of Dynamite that week.

Anyway, today we got more info so I figured I'd preview the show for y'all folks, especially seeing as not many other places are talking about NWA at all this year.

Here's what we have announced so far.

  1. Aldis defending the NWA Heavyweight Championship against Murdoch
  2. Kamille gets a shot at Deeb and the NWA Women's Championship
  3. The NWA Tag Championships will be defended as champs, Stevens and Kratos, face Strictly Business' Latimer and Adonis as well as War Kings.
  4. The Pope puts the TV belt on the line against dipshit, Tyrus.
  5. The End vs Mecha Wolf, Bestia 666 vs Rinauro, Rudo vs Rockett, Slice in four-way, tag team action.
  6. Thunder Rosa, Melina vs Taryn, Kylie Rae happens.
  7. JTG is facing Rosser.
A few things here. First, lets talk about the women's match. On the last episode, Thunder Rosa got a shot against Kamille. The (stupid) stipulation was that if Rosa won, she'd get a title shot instead of the one earned earlier in the season by Kamille. If Kamille won, Rosa would have to stop working in AEW. 

It was a 20 minute draw.

Kamille is getting that shot on the show. Deeb has rocked as champ but I have a feeling that we're about to get an all gold Strictly Business unit so I say we see a title change and then a continuation of the rivalry with Rosa for the new champ during the next season. Funny enough, this is the first time that Deeb will be working in an official NWA match in years. There is, of course, a chance we get a triple threat match. The sad news is that I doubt we'll continue to see AEW appearances of the strap while Kamille holds it.

We'll see.

As far as the tag match, as suggested above, I see Aldis and Latimer taking this one. War Kings had a moment last week and the champs have been falling apart even more so. Of the three announced matches, this looks like it will be the weakest and the most likely to be overbooked contests of the bunch.

Tyrus likely will win the Television belt here, unless they're aiming for Pope to hit 7 defenses. Meh.

Lets talk down-card now, before moving to the main.

The four team match has a lot of problematic folks, doesn't it. It also feels very strange seeing it on an NWA card and I wonder how their fans will take it. If I had to pick, I'd say The End wins here. Honestly, I don't care at all, though.

Speaking of not caring, Taryn is teaming with Kylie Rae for some reason to take on Thunder Rosa and Melina. They've built some issues up with Taryn and Rosa, Melina, and I like the bulk of the workers here, but it is a throwaway for sure. I am interested in seeing if Taryn can still go, because she was underrated in TNA. Thunder and her could work pretty well together.

JTG is taking on Rosser here, too. Admittedly, I don't see much in Rosser, who at best feels like a generic CAW more often than not. JTG has some charisma. That's about all I have to say. The chances of it surpassing low 2-star territory are nonexistent.

Last up, we have Murdoch and Aldis for the ten pounds of gold. Yes, I expect Nick to retain. Yes, I think they're aiming for all the members of Strictly Business to hold belts in the NWA. I still think they MIGHT consider giving Trevor a run, though. It wouldn't be a long one, but it's still possible. The good news is that I think it would increase the chances of seeing the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in an AEW ring. Still, despite being possible, I believe the face of the NWA and one of the best talking heels in the game will indeed win. I'd add that I think it might involve someone helping out, though. Nick teased recently that the unit is wanting to expand. Keep that in mind, for sure.

So, that's the show. 

We have one match with legit build. If Trevor has worked on his cardio the past few weeks, it could be decent. The women's match has potential. I am also curious to see if Taryn can still go and generally enjoy Thunder matches these days. Every thing else either leaves me shrugging to care or leaves me sighing heavily. The NWA is more about charm, which has been missing heavily at times this year, than it is blowaway matches. The fact is, at $20, you might see two matches that hit recommendation levels. Might. If you're a diehard fan, you've already decided you're getting it. If you enjoy the product but aren't all in, I really doubt they did enough to earn your money. If you are a casual, I know they didn't do enough. The promotion and build to this was trash and the card is largely underwhelming. I say skip watching it live, keep an eye out for a potential contest on Twitter to watch it for free, and maybe consider buying AFTER it airs otherwise if those that did pull the trigger overwhelmingly are raving about it.

Hopefully, the next season and special are far more exciting.

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