Lucha Libre February 2021 in Review (CMLL, AAA)


From AAA 02/04

1.Abismo Negro Jr, Texano Jr vs Octagon Jr, Laredo Kid ***1/2

2.Taurus vs Hijo del Vikingo ***

From CMLL 02/06

3.Best 2/3 Falls: Soberano Jr vs Virus ***3/4

From AAA 02/07

4.Arez, Latigo vs Laredo Boy, Drago Kid ***1/2

5.AAA Cruiserweight Title: Laredo Kid(c) vs Aramis vs Octagon Jr ****1/4

6.Arez, Chik Tormenta vs La Parkita, Drago Kid ***

7.Fenix, Laredo Kid vs Abismo Negro Jr, Taurus ****


The first lucha pull of the set was pretty good stuff that provided solid entertainment in its simplicity. A good throwaway spotfest.

Second, we had a good match that should have been so much more. Pacing issues and interference kept it from reaching true potential, but there was good stuff for sure to be seen mixed within.

Up third, a great CMLL three fall match between one of the best technical wrestlers of all time against a dude that is truly amazing when he's dialed in. The funny thing is, despite my rating, I'd say these two were holding back a lot. Worth a watch either way.

A very good tag match with Arez and Latigo playing dicks against Drago and Laredo's little newbie versions was in the four spot. Spotfest fun.

The best match of the set saw Laredo Kid defeat Aramis and Octagon Jr to retain the AAA Cruiserweight strap in a fan-fucking-tastic three-way match. High octane to a blistering pace, these three hit the gas pedal and never slipped off. I loved this.

La Parkita bombed on a dive here in the six spot, but bounced back nicely. A fairly good tag match, this was also just missing the right spark to make it more than a good little throwaway that in no way was must-see. Still, fun for what it was, for sure.

Fenix and Laredo took on Abismo and Taurus in our endcap and damn, it was good shit. Fantastic, really. The best thing about AAA is that they lean on the spotfests and let it all hang out. Well, that wang was wanging here for sure and it's shit like this that keeps me always coming back to this fed.

Really, just some fun stuff to be found here and if you want balls to the wall action you should consider starting here.

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