1.World of STARDOM Title: Utami Hayashishita(c) vs Saya Kamitani ***3/4

2.Utami Hayashishita vs Bea Priestley vs Syuri ***1/4

3.Momo Watanabe vs Nanae Takahashi NR


All Star Dream Cinderella coverage continues, this time starting with Utami's defense of the World of STARDOM Championship against Kamitani. A great match, with Saya getting to actually show off far more than expected, before the red champ put her down. The super close call kickout down the stretch was especially well done. 

Post, Bea challenged Utami.

We then jump ahead a few days to March 7th, with Syuri, Utami, and Bea working a three-way. Good stuff overall, and logical booking. Syuri was included because, well who says no to a former UFC fighter, and to put Bea and Utami together without giving away the full match. Bea beating Utami was a perfect choice, too. Building block match.

Next, Momo and Nanae. When the partnership with SEAdLINNNG was announced, this was a match I was hoping we'd get. While it didn't air in a form that allowed for enough to be rated, I see that it was about what the highlights suggest; a spirited sprint. While not to the level I expected, I suppose it makes sense considering it was largely a throwaway match to allow the new partners a victory in exchange for Mayu's win that'd come later on the card. I hope we get a more complete match between the two ASAP.

Clips of AZM dropping the High Speed strap to Natsupoi and then Queen's Quest besting DdM and Oedo Tai in a Artist contender elimination match closed the episode.

Solid episode overall, with the championship defense being the highlight.

Overall Rating: 70/100%