1.Mayu Iwatani vs Yoshiko ****

2.Mayu Iwatani vs Unagi Sayaka NR


Time to catch back up on STARDOM.

This one starts with Mayu and Yoshiko at the 10th Anniversary show from early March. Iwatani played the underdog like she does so well here, allowing for Yoshiko to come off as a true monster, which is a part she obviously plays well, too. Not only a fantastic match, but I also am hopeful that the result means a rematch for the SEAdLINNNG strap. They embraced in a show of respect after.

Post, we are given Mayu talking about the match while being shown some highlights. The YouTube translate feature is still a major work in progress and my Japanese isn't good enough either to enjoy this new feature that STARDOM is adding to the episodes.

We really should all forgive Yoshiko, for the record.

Clips from the Assemble Vol. 4 show followed, with Mayu and Starlight beating Momo and AZM.

The episode closed with a match from February, as part of Unagi's trial match series. Not enough was aired to rate, but it wasn't much of a match either way. More, this was Mayu beating down Unagi like a green jobber which, well, was the point.

This episode was focused on Mayu, a top ten active worker so of course it's worth checking out. The Iwatani/Yoshiko match ruled and the rest was fun, pro-MI filler. Give it a click when time allows.

Overall Rating: 80/100%