The Check List: Top 10 American Dragon Matches I Want to See Before He Retires

The American Dragon is free from his shackles now, and looks to rise anew. While I have issues with WWE, and especially with Vince, one has to also give some credit. While their usage of him and the epic rise of popularity he saw within the company came begrudgingly, full of biting and pulling, he is still a far bigger star now than he was before. He used his platform to put on killer displays every time he could and the sad thing is that even his better matches for the company weren't always his, well to reference an anime franchise many are likely tired of reading references to, they weren't his final form.

Before joining Vince's traveling circus of wrestling-related entertainment, The American Dragon was an epic performer that wowed all that got to see him with his brutal technical style and a clear love of the art. While under contract with WWE, Bryan has dropped a few names that he'd love to work against. I'd like to take a moment to drop my own wish list of matches I'd like to see Danielson take on. Feel free to drop your own in the comments here, on Twitter, or on FB. Note making it a top ten, which was my own choice but also an attempt to keep this from being bloated, meant leaving off names like Negro Casas, Kota, and Ricky Marvin and loads of dudes from Dragongate etc. I also left off inactives, like Punk. Still, I think these are the ten matches I want to see the most right now.

1. Omega

When someone of high caliber leaves WWE, the first target for most diehard fans of pro wrestling is to see that person face off against The Best Bout Machine. Bryan just happens to be the highest caliber dude to split in basically forever so yeah, it goes without saying that a match against Kenny is a must-happen. While they've worked together before, things are far different now and the world deserves a chance to witness this one on a big stage.

2. Naito

Tranquilo! This dude just happens to be the coolest cat in the damn business and has a workrate that few could ever match. Naito matches, when kept free of bullshit booking calls, are always worth seeing and I can guarantee a chance to see The American Dragon against Naito would be an amazing encounter.


Two dragons, going to war. Their last match is one of my all-time favorites and a rematch is long overdue. SHINGO is somehow better right now than ever, which is a damn scary fact, and I would absolutely bow down to the gods if this one gets booked.

4. Takeshita

DDT's ace, Takeshita, is a dude I frequently sing the praises of. He excels at everything he attempts in, and out, of the ring and embraces it all with a level of skill that is nearly unmatched. AEW recently brought him over for a few matches and will for sure have him back soon, so that might be the most likely location for a match between the two to happen. Honestly, I don't care if it's in AEW or DDT, though. I just hope this one happens.

5. Gresham

Note, Bryan is such a talented dude that basically any match he works is going to rock. I stated above that I could have made a much, much bigger list if I had wanted to. Still, seeing these two titans of technicality taking each other on for the Pure Championship would truly be something that all fans of the art should want to see. 

6. Sabre Jr

Speaking of tech-wizard wars, a contest between Sabre and Daniel is something many of us have wanted to see for years. It'd be one that wrestlers would watch back on tape for years to come while everyone that appreciates wrestling would watch in awe.

7. Okada

Okada is one of the best workers of all time and while he isn't the cool pick, often getting forgotten somehow despite the fact that few all-time could ever touch him, a match between these two would be an hour long epic. This one would likely take place in New Japan so it wouldn't happen until at least next year, though.

8. Ospreay

Ospreay sucks as a person sometimes and sucks even more at using his brain before using the internet. As a performer, the dude has been an absolute beast for years. His move from the junior division to the heavyweight picture, and his current reign and general role in New Japan would make for not just a badass match but a fun story opportunity.

9. Miyahara

The last two are long shots, but I know Daniel is an All Japan fan. Kento Miyahara isn't just the ace of AJPW, but he's also a top five talent in the world right now and constantly delivers MOTYC's with an ease that should embarrass his coworkers. Not only would this be a must-see, but it'd help AJPW grow in a way that I feel Daniel would like, making it at least slightly possible.

10. Suwama

I'll close with this one, which could also happen if we manage to get lucky enough to get the Kento match. Suwama is a titan of the old guard and a dude I know Daniel respects the hell out of. I'd argue that this is the biggest long shot of the entire list, but I want this one almost more than anything outside of Omega and SHINGO matches.

Thanks for reading.