NWA Powerrr #27 Review


1.Cross vs Mims NR

2.Kratos vs Sal NR

3.Falls Count Anywhere: Slice vs Dane **3/4


For the May episodes, I decided to go ahead and watch them in full as the cards looked good enough to do so. Lets see if the season can end on a high note.

We start with Strictly Business in the studio. Aldis is pissed about the news on how they're crowning a new number one contender. He takes issue with a battle royale being the chosen gimmick. He puts over Adonis' rise, Latimer, and Kamille. The entire thing felt like filler more than anything.

Cross and Mims worked a TV Title qualifier. It was too short to rate, but a spirited sprint that started the in-ring section nicely enough. I wonder how many of the NWA diehards actually approved of that match, though. 

Forget about the next segment.

Stevens spoke backstage on Kratos and more. He hopes his hitman will behave better.

Sal spoke a bit before getting in the ring and getting destroyed by Kratos in a match with folks at ringside being a banned thing. I loved the catch knee and everything after. Also, too short to rate, but I'd say that the show is off to a decent chug so far.

The four woman that nearly made me throw myself out a window on the last episode are out next, Kamille basically bitched about Thunder working in AEW. The logic here is laughable. The stipulation in place for their match is Thunder will have to stop appearing on Dynamite if she cannot best K. Not as bad as last week, but still a chore to get through. The match should rock, but this shit is fucking work.

The falls count anywhere match was good but featured a fucking weak finish. Like...weak! Stiff stuff and good action until the weakness. Weak.

This episode felt...off. Like, the charm was basically nonexistent and the closing stretch featured one of the stupidest finishes ever and then the announcement that a big match they had advertised wasn't gonna happen followed. Well, that last part was almost defendable but it added to the thud. Yeah, no thanks, this episode really wasn't worth the time and I kind of regret watching it.

Overall Rating: 50/100%

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