MLW Open Draft Round 1 Thoughts: DAVEY RICHARDS TO MLW

A few things here, but first note that I don't see anyone online that knew what to expect. Twitter, the comments, etc all had a lot of folks thinking it was more a brand split thing, instead of announcements of new additions to the show.

They announced Mil Muertes is now King Muertes, which is interesting. MLW has skirted the drama revolving around the lawsuit AAA is dealing with and it seems they are making minor adjustments to get by the heat. Feels a lot like when you see off brand cereal at the store.

The big story here was Davey Richards being announced. They actually said he signed months ago, which kind of felt like they nerfed the purpose they seemed to be using this video for but it's a minor nitpick. I'm likely over thinking it. He said MLW was the best fit for him because he liked their style and presentation and suggested it'd either be great or a disaster, because honestly those are the two options when you bring in DR. MLW really likes bringing in dudes with known attitudes that don't mesh well with all. Fits their style, in many ways, though.

He debuts July 10th.

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