1.ROH Pure Title: Gresham(c) vs Lethal ***3/4

2.Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe ***3/4


While I reviewed the two matches for this HERE, as part of my review coverage of The RWB Channel's Monday Night Slam Masters, it's such a big episode that I went ahead and took time to watch all of the content aired and wanted to publish my review for it as well, away from that.

They promote their long history before we get a Quinn segment, where she tells us that the ROH Experience group helped pick the matches for the installment.

Lethal's prematch promo put over the champ nicely and was well done. Gresham returned the favor, while also plugging himself as holding the top prize of the company. I honestly love the new format of the show. It reminds me of Dojo Pro but, of course, with ROH quality.

Their match was great and you can read more of my quick shot thoughts at the link above.

Lethal continues to increasingly look frustrated. Sad Jay. Get that man some balloons.

Haas and Benjamin beat Hero and Claudio in a throwback clip, back from episode one.

Speaking of episode one, Mark and Jay closed the show with a brother vs brother match.

Again, check out the link above for thoughts, but know both matches were great in very different ways and for different reasons.

ROH 500 was a perfect celebration of the brand. It showcased four of the biggest names of the company, featured great action, and felt like both a respectful nod to the past while also serving as a light tower for the future of Ring of Honor.

Make time to watch this HERE if you missed it.

Overall Rating: 85/100%