1.TNT Title: Allin(c) vs Jungle Boy ***3/4

2.NXT Cruiserweight Title: KUSHIDA(c) vs Oney ***

3.Mark Briscoe vs Jay Briscoe ***3/4

4.Sarray vs Stark ***

5.Asuka vs Flair **1/2

6.AEW Women's Title: Shida(c) vs Conti ****

7.ROH Pure Title: Gresham(c) vs Lethal ***3/4

8.O'Reilly vs Grimes ***1/2

9.MLW World Title: Fatu(c) vs Tankman ***


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This edition was the first for the Slam Masters series on Monday, moving from Saturday due to time restraints. Most of the content was recorded the Thursday prior to airing and will largely be the norm moving forward. The style changed, as well.

Up first, The Midcard, where I run down the general happenings of lower card feuds and matches. Admittedly, I was rather tired when recording this so keep that in mind.

The matches showcased during this section started with Darby retaining the TNT Championship after he bested Jungle Boy. The fact that this match is a main event is pretty cool. The underdog genre was once more on display, allowing Perry to look very good before Darby overcame. It was honestly a great match and well worth seeing.

A quick highlight reel of Mil Muertes from the MLW channel followed.

KUSHIDA beat Oney in a good, but short, match. If given a bit more time, it'd have been even better. Still, a good start to KUSHIDA's reign.

Up next, Tag Me In. As you can likely tell, this short podblast and section focus on tag team and unit drama.

Jericho's promo to promote Blood & Guts was pretty damn great. The dude knows how to work a mic and always has, so no shocker there. B&G should be amazing!

On the 500th edition of Ring of Honor, Jay and Mark Briscoe went one on one. It seems to be a tad polarizing, but I loved it. While I typically am against countout finishes, it actually kind of worked here, too. Mark got the win, Jay was protected, everyone looked good, and the action and drama added nicely to make this a great one in my mind.

Goddesses Weekly showcases women's wrestling.

Sarray's debut was good stuff. More competitive than expected considering it's WWE, but she and Stark worked a good one. I think it's better to do it this way and I appreciated it as a showcase of what to expect from Sarray in NXT. I was a supporter of her in Japan and look forward to seeing her work NXT. The TakeOver matches should rock!

Flair and Asuka was a bit off and I'm never one for finishes like shown here. They're quality performers, especially Asuka, but this wasn't their best work by a mile and more clunky building block than anything else.

Sarray, backstage, spoke about her desire to bring her style to NXT. Sadly, that's not really what happens, but again I am still excited to see how she hybrids things.

My MOTW was Shida versus Conti. Admittedly, Shida's run as champ hasn't been nearly as awesome as expected but she's still so talented that it's hard to call it bad, either. Conti has been quickly becoming one of my favorite workers. Together, they fucking killed it. Fantastic stuff and while I appear to be a bit higher on it than most, I still strongly recommend it so you can make up your own mind.

Next week, MNSM becomes a North American coverage series instead of just the US.

World Class focuses on the world champs of covered brands.

On NXT, Kyle set his targets on Kross. Grimes came out, they buddied up, talked a bit about Doge (which has made me some $$$), and then O'Diggity struck the Carolina Caveman. Decent segment for what it was.

Back to Ring of Honor, and Gresham beat Lethal to keep the Pure Championship. As expected, it was great! Gresham is a tech god right now and deserves full credit for that. He and Lethal worked a tight, technical top shelf match where both parties walked away looking good. Check this one out for sure!

On Dynamite, The Elite were in their trailer talking shit. A few truck horns later and a camera cut and then Eddie Kingston and Mox drove into said trailer. Somehow, Kenny and crew escaped, but the shit with Kingston and Jon was solid gold.

Kyle and Cameron's match was very good, which isn't too shocking, but still slightly just because Grimes is such a randomly utilized name. Kyle is in for another small push, which is good. His matches with Finn rocked, he's been great for years, and I know he can get a good one out of Kross. He'll likely be geeked for a bit especially seeing as he's not dethroning Kross that quickly into the q champ's reign, though.

Starting the MNSM coverage of MLW Fusion, we closed this one with Fatu defending the brand's top prize against Tankman. I didn't care for the finish much from a rating standpoint, though it made sense in the situation, but outside of that it was a good title defense for sure. Fatu looked desperate and I am doubting he'll keep the strap for all of 2021. Tankman is easily one of the best big dudes in the game and apparently worked this while still a bit shaken from food poisoning, even. It didn't hit recommendation levels, but I give it a thumbs up for what it was regardless.

I hope everyone enjoyed the more streamlined series. I make these for my kiddos but hope it's helping some other folks, too.

New episodes will air every Monday at 6:05 pm EST.