YouTube Update

I was wanting to take a moment to give some updated information on the revival of my YouTube Channel!

First, I have some new content in the form of WWF Prime Time Live and WCW Ignite special events, which are fantasy specials utilizing WWE 2k19 and are set around 1995-1996 right now. I currently have the debuts for both of those on the channel right now but am honestly not sure how far I'll run with them.

The main attraction of 2k19 based content is going to be a series titled International Dream Pro Wrestling Super Card TV. This series, set around the same time period, is basically a massive league of the best in the world around that period, regardless of promotion. The current idea is for new episodes to air each Friday. The first round to crown the inaugural top dog champ is up now and pinned on the top of this post.

I am bringing the TRUE Championship back finally which will air as Golden specials and that will utilize both 2k19 as well as Fire Pro World as I see fit. The first installment will feature Omega defending against Go, the Bucks against the Lucha Bros, and a special attraction WWE match.

Past that, I will be airing Saturday Night Slam Masters and Hudson River Power Hour on the channel. Click the links to find out more about those.

I have more ideas but will save those for now. Thanks for reading and please go subscribe to the channel!

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