From Episode 82

1.ECW Tag Titles, Brawl Game: Cactus, Whipwreck(c) vs Public Enemy **3/4

From Episode 83

2.ECW TV Title: Jason(c) vs 2 Cold *

3.Sabu, Tazmaniac vs The Malenkos ***

From Episode 84:

4.ECW TV Title: 2 Cold(c) vs Malenko ***3/4

From Episode 89:

5.ECW World Title: Douglas(c) vs Simmons **


I'll be checking out episode 92 in full next. Lets start with these five though as I catch up on some classic ECW action. If things go smoothly, I'll be watching ECW Hardcore TV and Nitro episodes in order soon each week with a bit of WWF when it's worthwhile.

Up first, Public Enemy sadly won the tag straps back from Foley and Mikey. Foley was throwing around his partner at the start to the point where they almost lost due to Whipwreck being knocked out. Good shit. This is basically a last man standing variant match, for the record and is from the November to Remember gig in 1994. Car crash chaos but entertaining for what it was.

Up next, we have Jason defending gold and he's forced to have his allies leave ringside. The match was basically a squash with a ref bump and attempted run ins and was a mess in general. I pulled it just to watch Scorpio win (and Jason fall) but it was still not really worth that time either way. At least the right dude won (even if he lost the belt back later in that same night). Dean attacks after.

Paul cut a nice promo backstage after to set up the next match, which I pulled simply because I wanted to see these four compete. Sabu works the match in a neckbrace due to the infamous spot in a match he suffered a few weeks prior at November to Remember. The match was a high speed sprint of suplexes and carnage, with Sabu even including a table dive spot midway. Post, 911 took out The Pitbulls and ran them and Jason off. Public Enemy spiked Sabu, the Malenkos worked over Taz, Paul was put through a table, and then Taz broke out to fight off the heels in a chaotic as hell close to the episode. Fun stuff.

Next, Malenko took the TV Title from Scorp, as mentioned above. While the final few minutes felt a tad off, the match itself was truly great and a nice technical showcase. Malenko and 2 Cold worked hard and both men came out looking excellent here.

We jump ahead a bit to close with Ron Simmons challenging Shane Douglas for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. We're shown a clip of Benoit and Dean hurting Ron while Douglas laughs at the situation before Ron comes out and the match began. Simmons worked this dressed casual in a shirt and jeans with an arm sling and the title defense was basically just a brawl with the two trading some shots back and forth. Ron would use his belt and boot while Shane tried to add pain to the injured shoulder. It was ok for what it was and ended with a quick rollup. Nothing too special but an interesting foot note.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more ECW reviews!