Select Match Reviews: Pinnacle Cometh (AEW)

Matches from AEW Dynamite #76:

1.Rey Fenix vs Matt Jackson ****

2.TNT Title: Darby Allin(c) vs Scorpio Sky ***1/4


I wanted to go ahead and catch up on AEW before moving on to catching up on the other stuff I wanted to see. With this, I am officially caught up where I wanted to be. I also watched some of the segments from the evening which I'll chat about briefly.

The first pull followed Death Triangle's victory at Revolution, and saw Fenix take on one half of the World Tag Team Champions in Matt Jackson. We don't often get a lot of singles matches from The Bucks, but they tend to be very well done when we do and there's no exception here. Matt, the better brother in my opinion, and Rey Fenix killed it here in a builder match that truly showcased that our expectations for the eventual title match should be sky high. Fantastic, high quality match!

My issues with Money Mark Khan aside, I also always try to give props where they're earned and you can tell he allows for a lot of creative freedom. More often than not, that is a good thing.

As far as segments this week, I watched Eddie and Mox in a promo package talking about the death match. I've made my opinions clear on the situation. I also watched Penta calling out Cody which was fun shit and I liked the brawl break out at the end. A bloody brawl between the two should be fun. Next, I saw Page with his riding mower which was fun. 

The last segment I watched from the episode before the TNT Championship match featured Callis making a cheap excuse for the explosion botch. Eddie came out and Don cut a nice promo on him. And then Kenny and Callis 69'ed in the ring. Good shit. Eddie and Mox cleaned house, taking the Good Brothers out leaving Christian for a moment with the AEW World and AAA Mega Champion seemingly setting up a future match.

The TNT Championship match was good. The tope into a caught cutter was pretty bad ass as was the coffin drop into a power bomb. Sky really shined here and honestly I was kind of hoping for a title change. Darby won with a flashpin. I hope Sky finally starts getting elevated in AEW soon. He cemented himself as heel with his post-match attack. While not recommendation levels maybe find the clipped version on YouTube.

I closed the watch through with the Inner Circle: War Council segment which honestly I loved. A good unit formation is always fun and damn if this wasn't fun. Jericho teased a new member, MJF cut him off, Sammy showed Jericho footage of MJF trying to turn the rest of the group, PnP and Hager teased a turn, and then they turned back around to all face MJF. MJF sold it perfectly and the, "because I was too busy building my own" was delivered with brilliance. Lights out! The Pinnacle arrives and destroys. Fucking awesome shit!

Watch the Fenix/Matt match, the Kenny segment, and the war council stuff!

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