Red's 1995 Must-See Match Recommendations

Below are my picks for the best matches of the year of 1995. I wanted to go back and slowly start doing this for older content. Anything listed here I consider worth checking out. The cutoff rating is ****.

Also, note that I color coded these.
For singles and non-tag men's matches, look for this color.
For men's tag matches, trios, atomicos, ciberneticos, etc. look for this color.
For women's matches of all forms, look for this color.
For mixed matches, look for this color.

If you spot any bloopers, even in regards to color coding issues, let me know.


-Kawada/Kenta 01/19 (AJPW)
-Kenta, Misawa/Kawada, Taue 01/24 (AJPW)
-Malenko/Guerrero 04/15 (ECW)
-Malenko/Guerrero 08/26 (ECW)


-Double Inoue/Toyota, Sakie 01/03 (AJW)
-Guerrero/Malenko 07/21 (ECW)
-Cactus Jack, Malenko, Scorpio/Guerrero, Steiner Brothers 08/05 (ECW)
-Flair/Arn 09/17 (WCW)

I will update this as often as possible as I work through the year that was 1995. This recommendation list was last updated on 03/27/21.

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